Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Palladia Inc. 40 years of serving New Yorkers.

Palladia Inc., a NY-based charity supported by Frederick Tanne, has just released their 2010 annual report and, on the occasion of their 40th Anniversary, this edition tracks the history of the organization. It makes for interesting reading. Originally known as the Project Return Foundation, Palladia has helped thousands of New Yorkers who are struggling with addiction, homelessness, domestic violence and trauma. The illustrations in the report clearly illustrate the important role that the organization has played since the 1970s in helping families, campaigning, raising awareness through conferences, renovating buildings to be used for communities, housing and centers and much more.

Back to 2010: the figures speak for themselves: 2,282 clients served everyday, 382 supportive housing units, revenue for 2009-2010 $44.6 million. With a clear vision for the future, the Board of Directors (of which Frederick Tanne is a member) and staff are looking towards the future with confidence and a clear, thoughtful plan.

Read the report here.

Palladia Inc's website.

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